Totok Saptohadi


Dampo Awang Beach Is a park and beach located in Tasik Agung Village, Rembang Regency, right on the north side of the Pantura Line. Before the management was handed over to the private sector, this park was named Kartini Beach Recreation Park (TRPK). Services carried out with the concept of one stop service began 08.00 WIB until 17:30. Besides that, available supporting facilities such as prayer rooms, parking lots, and dampo beach make it easy to travel to the object. The tourism object of Dampo Awang Beach in Rembang Regency has the potential to be developed. It can be seen through the beauty of its natural panorama. However, this potential is still not supported by the typical souvenir center of Rembang district. To reach the tourist site, where the number and frequency of public transportation departures towards the attractions of Dampo Awang Beach are quite adequate from the north coast route. Based on the nature of the data in the study consists of qualitative data, and qualitatively qualitative. tourism activities in dampo tourism continue for a long time and tourism objects do not experience a decline in quality. tourism planning through an integrated and intact system approach is participatory interdisciplinary using economic, technical, ergonomic, socio-cultural criteria, energy, preserving nature, and not damaging the environment.

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